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Flings Inc. is a BPO Company that provides multiple services to companies such as Seat Leasing, Complete Serviced Management System, Business Relocation Solution, Inbound and Outbound Services and Support Office Staff Services (Accounting/Bookkeeping, Human Resource and IT). As an aggressive provider of Outsourcing Services, our corporation is managed by the most dynamic and innovative people who are experts in their own chosen fields. Our partnership with some US companies has made our organization stronger and working with some of Fortune 500 companies has kept us in the peak of our capabilities. We continue to grow our network and have successfully worked with clients in the US, UK and Australia. Our dedication and innovative processes will be our tools for success as we continue to provide world class Outsourcing Services.

One former customer service representative shared this in a review, "Unprofessional disorganized ghetto, too many calls, bad place to work. Not enough break time, no mental health time, callers can be rude and mean. Management sucks."


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